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Practically Social

Sep 29, 2020

You’ve seen her smile-inducing and high-energy dance moves on Good Morning America and the Steve Harvey Show, and now she’s our guest for a special episode of Practically Social! Jeff and Charlie interview Tammy Ortery, a 59-year-old high school guidance secretary from Virginia Beach who proves that people respond to positive content, in this case with millions of views. This episode was developed in conjunction with the Public Relations Society of America, Maryland chapter as part of their annual conference. Special thanks to PRSA Maryland conference chair Laurie Farrell for making this happen, along with committee members Tia Malloy, Paola Vargas-Strassner, Danita Terry, Melanie Formentin, Ph.D., and special thanks to Laurie “Roz” Reuben, Peggy Hoffman, Carol Blattau and Chapter President Lisa Coster.